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Poster: jsteidl Date: Aug 4, 2019 12:32pm
Forum: texts Subject: Wait list time?


To give background on my question, I am part of a fantasy football league where the winner (me) gets to choose a required reading for the loser (my friend), and I chose a How to Avoid Huge Ships, or, I never met a ship I liked by John W. Trimmer. Little did I know, it was "on loan" and a wait list is required to view the pdf of the book on Internet Archive.

I have two questions:

First, why is a pdf being distributed the same way a physical book is, despite having the ability for multiple people to read it at the same time?

Second, how long will I or my friend have to wait in order to get access to it?

To rant further, what is the point of having a digital copy if its going to be treated like a physical one? It makes sense for limiting people from over-downloading the copy, but to limit reading online entirely by only giving a limited preview online?! Where is the technological improvement here over a physical copy? It seems like such a waste of resources.

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